Programatically send text messages with Android WebControl

This is a tip to use Android WebControl to send your text messages programatically or using the command line.

Android WebControl provide a web service like URL to send text messages. You just have to use the HTTP POST method using those parameters

  • URL =  http://host:port/messages?action=sendMessage
  • message = your text message
  • destination = semicolon ‘;’ separated list of recipients

Replace host:port with the actual ip address and port shown by Android WebControl on your phone.

Example of sending a text message using the CURL command line utility. This will send the message “My Message” to two recipients “111222;333444”

curl -verbose –data-urlencode ‘message=My Message’ –data-urlencode ‘destination=111222;333444’ ‘’

The result should be a HTTP/1.1 200 OK and your message will be sent.

This way you’ll be able to script the sending of text messages using the command line or interface Android WebControl with an another application.

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