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Android WebControl 2.5.0 Released

Hey Android WebControl users !

It’s been a little while but a new Android WebControl update 2.5.0 is available on Google Play. This version brings a lot of features that have been asked by the community for a while. Thank you for you support !

Here’s the changelog:

Version 2.5.0
[NEW] Added a quick reply for the current conversation
[NEW] Added reply, forward and delete actions for single messages
[NEW] Added reply all to a conversation
[NEW] Added right click menu on the message list
[FIX] The contacts window will now only list contacts with phone numbers.

Android WebControl 2.4.0 Released

Hey Android WebControl users !

A new Android WebControl update 2.4.0 is available on Google Play. This version brings HTTPS support and will protect your privacy by encrypting all communications. Just enable it in the preferences and don’t forget to add the ‘S’ in ‘HTTPS://’ when typing the URL to connect to Android WebControl.

If you enable HTTPS your browser will warn you about the self signed certificate. No worries this is safe you can go ahead and accept the warning.

Here’s the changelog:

Version 2.4.0
[NEW] HTTPS support !
[NEW] Server is automatically restarted when settings are changed.

Android WebControl 2.3.6 Released

Hi there !

A new Android WebControl update 2.3.6 is available on Google Play. Here’s the changelog:

Version 2.3.6
[NEW] Allow export of the call history to CSV.
[FIX] Error when filtering the call history window.
[FIX] Validate port number in the preferences.

Programatically send text messages with Android WebControl

This is a tip to use Android WebControl to send your text messages programatically or using the command line.

Android WebControl provide a web service like URL to send text messages. You just have to use the HTTP POST method using those parameters

  • URL =  http://host:port/messages?action=sendMessage
  • message = your text message
  • destination = semicolon ‘;’ separated list of recipients

Replace host:port with the actual ip address and port shown by Android WebControl on your phone.

Example of sending a text message using the CURL command line utility. This will send the message “My Message” to two recipients “111222;333444”

curl -verbose –data-urlencode ‘message=My Message’ –data-urlencode ‘destination=111222;333444’ ‘’

The result should be a HTTP/1.1 200 OK and your message will be sent.

This way you’ll be able to script the sending of text messages using the command line or interface Android WebControl with an another application.

H@ve Fun !

Android WebControl 2.3.5 Released

Hi All,

A new Android WebControl update 2.3.5 is available on Google Play. This is a bugfix release mainly to fix an annoying error receiving notifications with some Web browsers.

Special Thanks to Pier for his help with this issue.

Version 2.3.5
[FIX] Notification error (TypeError) with some Web browsers.
[FIX] Notification image for multiple contacts.



Android WebControl 2.3.4 Released

Hi All,

A new Android WebControl update 2.3.4 is available on Google Play

Version 2.3.4
[NEW] Desktop notifications with supporting web browsers (like Google Chrome).
[NEW] Display contact names and picture in notifications.
[NEW] Allow to reply directly from a notification.
[FIX] Error while listing some contacts on android ICS.
[FIX] Date display in conversation list.

Here’s a preview of the desktop notifications with Google Chrome

New Desktop notifications with Google Chrome


Android WebControl 2.3.2 Released

Hi Android WebControl users,

A new Android WebControl version 2.3.2 is available on Google Play

Special thanks to Andrea for his help on fixing a few issues and also to the donators !

Version 2.3.2
[NEW] Android 4.0 ICS support.
[NEW] Added ‘Add’ and ‘Remove’ buttons to manage multiple recipients more easily when sending a text message.
[NEW] CTRL+ENTER in the message box will now send the text message immediately.
[FIX] Menu->Exit Button not working on all platforms.
[FIX] Error while listing some contacts on android ICS.



Android WebControl 2.3.0 Released !

A new Android WebControl version 2.3.0 is available on Google Play

Version 2.3.0
[NEW] IE 9 browser support
[NEW] Added Menu->Exit Button. (User requested)
[FIX] Error in broadcast receiver. (IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered)
[FIX] Error when dismissing progress dialog. (IllegalArgumentException: View not attached to window manager)

Android WebControl 2.2.4 Released !

A new Android WebControl version 2.2.4 is available on Google Play

Version 2.2.4
[NEW] Improved web performance
[FIX] Display only Wifi network addresses

Android WebControl Released !

Finally after almost a year of development, Android WebControl is finally on the market ! Give it a try