Android WebControl allows you to send sms and control your android phone from your computer. Nothing to install, just start your web browser and write your phone’s URL in your web browser to use the application. Made to be fast and easy to use.
  • Send SMS messages
  • Notification of new messages
  • View phone contacts
  • View and manage call history
  • Nice interface
  • Free !
A lot of efforts have been made to make it memory efficient and it uses no resources when there’s not a computer connected to it.

In development

  • [IN PROGRESS] View phone information and battery status
  • Delivery reports
  • Send MMS
  • Manage Drafts
  • [MAYBE] View phone photo / videos
  • [MAYBE] Cheap SMS using external provider (We are looking for partnerships Contact me if you are a SMS provider)

Ideas or Feature Requests

You have an idea or a comment about Android WebControl ? don’t hesitate to share it